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Recognition & Awards

The Idaho Judicial System relies on the dedication of its staff and their commitment to serving the public. Here are some notable achievements by the people and teams that set the Idaho Courts apart.

Justice Bevan | Lifetime Achievement Award

Dedication, hard work, skill, tenacity and excellence are
expected. Compassion is essential. The Idaho Business Review’s
Leaders in Law award recognizes all of these qualities
and is dedicated to individuals whose leadership, both in the
legal profession and in the community, has had a positive
impact on Idaho. The Idaho Business Review has recognized
the Honorable Justice G. Richard Bevan with the Lifetime
Achievement Award in their Leaders in Law 2019.

Loved and respected by all his colleagues at the Idaho Supreme
Court, Justice G. Richard Bevan has built a legacy of leadership
that elevates the judiciary statewide. Justice Bevan has served the law for 33
years as a trial lawyer, county prosecutor, private practice lawyer, treatment
court judge, district judge, and Supreme Court Justice. Regarding his character,
Chief Justice Roger Burdick said, “He’s just solid, and when I say solid I
mean solid in terms of not stoic, but solid in terms of relationships, in terms
of ethics, in terms of vision of excellence that he holds within himself.”

Judge Murray | Granata Award

The Idaho courts recognize an individual who has gone above
and beyond to ensure all Idahoans have access to fair and
efficient justice. The Granata Award is given to a trial judge
who exemplifies the professionalism the late Judge George
Granata became known for. In 2019, the Granata Award was
presented to Judge Bryan K. Murray.

Judge Murray has done extensive work in the areas of child
protection, juvenile justice, and mental illness. He chaired the
Court Improvement Committee for Child Protection, helped
create juvenile probation programs, standards, training, and record keeping
systems, as well as advocated for treatment services for mentally ill citizens.

Debra Alsaker-Burke | Children At Risk Award Of Excellence

The Idaho Children at Risk Task Force recognizes an extraordinary
individual who has advanced the cause of protecting
children from neglect and abuse. The Governor’s Task Force
has awarded Idaho Supreme Court Child Protection Manager
Debra Alsaker-Burke with the Children At Risk Award of

Debra’s extensive career has been devoted to the well-being
and safety of Idaho children, including her accomplishments
in developing innovative projects in courts and with
partners, educating practitioners on best practices, and implementing
changes in federal and state law over the past 38 years.